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About Us

Lancotek Shields is a division of Lancotek Products, a Canadian manufacturer that has been around for 18 years, specializing in injection molding and 3D printing. Months ago, our business came across the need for physical barriers, hand sanitizer and face shields for our own customers and employees. Due to the lack of supply, we had no choice but to manufacture barriers and hand sanitizer ourselves. We developed a free-standing barrier that doesn't require installation or assembly, offering flexibility to our offices. We also developed a hand sanitizer that sanitizes and moisturizes at the same-time, providing a non-drying effect on the skin.

We started this division to help other companies in North America meet these same needs while providing excellent shipping times and customer service.

Our barriers are made of durable steel and 0.015" APET plastic. It provides an added layer of protection needed for a busy business. 


Our moisturizing hand sanitizer is sourced from our partner Le Sean Canada.